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Json Resume.#

New Practice Exams for AWS Certification.#

towelroot by geohot.#

Root almost any Android device, including AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S5, with towelroot by geohot.#

Fund: Cross-browser support.#

open source photography workflow tool and RAW developer. Not for windows.#

Doctors have obligations to their patients, teachers to their students, pastors to their congregations, curators to the public, and journalists to their readers—obligations that lie outside the realm of earnings, and are fundamentally different from the obligations that a business executive has to employees, partners, and investors. Historically, institutions like museums, hospitals, schools, and universities have been supported by patronage, donations made by individuals or funding from church or state. The press has generally supported itself by charging subscribers and selling advertising. (Underwriting by corporations and foundations is a funding source of more recent vintage.) Charging for admission, membership, subscriptions and, for some, earning profits are similarities these institutions have with businesses. Still, that doesn’t make them industries, which turn things into commodities and sell them for gain.#

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